The Alumni Interview: Asghar Keifari, Pharm.D.

Continuing our Alumni Interview Series, this time we have contacted Asghar Keifari, Pharm.D., class of 2013. Originally from Iran he decided to study pharmacy because it looked as an exciting field. We asked him a few questions about how he is currently doing, about his work, research and some words of advice if you are thinking about working in Hungary.

Where do you currently work?

I am Ph.D. student and I work for a pharmaceutical company Avicor about NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) measurement and molecular investigation. The purpose of NMR is recognition of the structure of the molecule, for example new drug. As a Ph.D. student I research in pharmaceutical chemistry department in protein structure and protein NMR. Studying interaction of the protein with DNA in NMR. I started my research in 2008 from drug design group in Szeged and my purpose is studying about anti-cancer drugs.

How is the working environment, do you get by well with your salary?

I get paid well from the company and as you know in Hungary you should pay for Ph.D. but I do not pay because I was in this research group since 2009 and they helped me about this.

What are you planning to do after your Ph.D studies?

I would like to continue my post-doctorate it depends on the place where I can find a job maybe in Hungary, Germany or USA.

How well did your university studies prepare you?

Since  the beginning I always tried to learn, in this university it depends on student.

What skills were you missing, that you wish you had?

For me the most missing subject was pharmaceutical chemistry. Because it is new window for the medicines which I can learn about structure of drugs and how new drugs synthesized.

Do you wish you had done something different during your university years?

I always had time problem because during my studies I was teaching and doing research as well.

For a student or a newly graduated pharmacist, what should they think about if they would like to work in Hungary?

The  best thing would be making groups between them, studying well learning everything and not just considering the graduation because after the graduation they would still have problems about finding job or continuing their education, the most important thing is their knowledge not the paper from the university. If they go in this way I believe in the future they can have new opportunities and if they understand the science they can find a research group and start researching.

Thank you for your time and sharing your thoughts with us.

The Alumni Team