The Alumni Interview: Samineh Mojaver, Pharm.D.

Every month, SUMAA contacts a former student for The Alumni Interview series and asks a few questions about what they are currently up to! For February, we contacted Samineh Mojaver, Pharm.D., class of 2009, who currently works in Budapest.

Please, tell us about yourself:

Salam, I’m Samineh Mojaver, a Persian pharmacist from Tehran, Iran, who studied and worked in Szeged for several years and just recently moved to Budapest.

You work in Budapest, how did you find your job?

After graduation in ’09, I worked in one of Szeged’s biggest pharmacies, Kígyó Patika, which was quite challenging for me in the beginning with my Hungarian language skills. Right now, I work for an American company in Budapest as a Clinical Data Analyzer.

Working in a pharmacy is a great experience: you work together with your patients and solve their problems. That’s something I really loved to do. My new job is very different, however, but equally interesting as it involves a lot of research, and I read and learn something new every single day.

I transitioned to a new job because I’m interested in broadening my horizon and learning new things. Besides, it’s always very exciting to open a new chapter in life.

Finding a new job was easy, I found it on the Internet. There’re plenty of websites that you can search for new job opportunities. Compared to the UK and the US, my salary is not that much, but I earn more than I did in Szeged, which works fine for me.

How well did your studies at the University of Szeged prepare you for working?

The lectures and classes provided a good foundation of theoretical knowledge, but practical experience was missing, which is tied closely to my summer practices.

Do you wish you had done something differently during your university years?

If I could back in time, I would take these practices more serious, involve myself more, apply to a large pharmacy or laboratory in Hungary or the UK, as the diverse tasks and gained experience will help a lot once you start working.

Working on my thesis, I focused on the theoretical part and underestimated the value of the practical part, as more time spend in the lab could’ve helped me reaching goals more easily and would’ve created equally good opportunities for future research and work.

Any plans for the future?

Still a student, I thought about moving to Canada, but life had its own plan and brought me here, a place I never even considered or though about. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy I stayed and one day I would like to own a pharmacy here in Hungary or somewhere else in Europe.

Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for students?

Learning the Hungarian language is the first and more important thing if you consider working here. Don’t give up and try your best to reach whatever goal you have. Anything is possible as long as you try, without making the first and second step you won’t be able to reach your goals.

Equally important is that you need to love your job and enjoy it, the things that you’re doing should make you feel happy and helpful. If you don’t enjoy your job, try a new path and look for another interesting field. There’re plenty of branches for pharmacists, e.g. Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Hospital Pharmacist, Industrial Pharmacist, Informatics Pharmacist, Regulatory-Affairs Pharmacist, and so on. Choose what interests you the most.

One the road to success, the rule is to always look ahead.

I wish all of you a year of health, happiness and success, and hope that you reach your destination on this great journey of yours!

Thank you for your time and sharing your thoughts with us.

The Alumni Team