Add a caption to your uploaded photographs

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Dear student of the class of 2015,

In order to show everyone your best memories, the moments you cherish and things you like during your years spent in Hungary, you can caption the photographs you have uploaded so that everyone can know how you felt at that moment or where the photograph was taken!

You can add individual captions in the same order to the photographs uploaded earlier, just fill in your name first so we can be sure that the captions belong to you. A sample is given here of how a caption can look like. Each caption may contain a maximum of 100 characters.

e.g. “John McAllister – 1.jpg: The Barcelona trip, we shall never forget!

Note: The captions have to be added in the same order as the uploaded photographs! Captions are not required for  the last two profile photographs

These are the captions we need to design our yearbook, altogether 7 captions can be given. In case any photographs are forgotten please visit our website again. The link can be found under the home menu:

  • 1.) Group photograph – e.g. “John McAllister – 1.jpg”
  • 2.) Party photos / good times – e.g. “John McAllister – 2.jpg”
  • 3.) Trip photos / traveling / ski trip and so on – e.g. “John McAllister – 3.jpg”
  • 4.) Funny photographs – e.g. “John McAllister – 4.jpg”
  • 5.) Photograph from Ballagas – e.g. “John McAllister – 5.jpg”
  • 6.) Miscellaneous photos – e.g. “John McAllister – 6.jpg”
  • 7.) Clinical photographs or photographs taken during lectures – e.g. “John McAllister – 7.jpg”
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