Alumni Awards Criteria

  • Alumni must have completed a 5- or 6-year program at the Medical, Dental or Pharmacy faculty of the University of Szeged or attended the German Program and received a Physikum Diploma.
  • The Alumni must be present or represented by a present or former member of the University of Szeged at the Alumni Reunion Weekend.

  • Undergraduate and Post-graduate degrees and certificates
  • Important contributions to medical research or education
  • Publications and articles
  • Awards and merits from other institutions including previous awards from the University of szeged
  • Specialization
  • Professional experience
  • Teaching and related activities

  • Dedication to the progress and advancement of education and communities
  • Humanitarian or voluntary work (e.g. MSF, Red Cross, Flying Doctors, WHO, etc.)
  • Work in underprivileged areas
  • On occasion, the award is made to an alumnus/alumna who has had a particularly outstanding career outside of education, but whose career clearly benefited from study in the University of Szeged

  • Commitment to the advancement and success of the University of Szeged

*Please include anything relevant you think would help the nomination committee to evaluate your candidacy and strengthen your application.

Alumni Awards Info

Nominations may be made for any of the awards by any of the following individuals or groups:

  • Any present or former student of the English/German Medical, Dentistry or Pharmacy programs at the University of Szeged.
  • Any member of the Szeged University Foreign Language Program staff, any member of an affiliate or support organization of the University of Szeged, such as ISUS.
  • Members of the Szeged University Alumni Association Board are excluded from receiving the awards, but can still take part in the nomination.

  • To be nominated or to nominate someone the electronic nomination questionnaire has to be filled out and the relevant documents uploaded by August 18th, 2016.
  • Relevant documents:
    • Letter of nomination written by the nominator
    • CV
    • Publications, newspaper articles etc.
    • Personal stories
    • Certificates of undergraduate and post-graduate studies/courses

  • Distinguished Alumni Award (Exceptional study results, devotion to the University of Szeged, Humanitarian work)
  • Early Achievement Award (for Dental Alumni who graduated in the past 5-years and for Medical/Pharmacy Alumni who graduated in the past 10 years)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

The Szeged University Medical Alumni Association will announce honorees through the SUMAA website and social media with the appropriate recognition/acknowledgements.
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