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Welcome to the Szeged University Alumni Association website! The association was created with the main goal to improve and promote communication between former students of the medical program, the faculty and its current students.

Please browse our site to learn more about how you can connect with your fellow alumni, how you can stay updated of our news and how you can find out more about our goals.

For current students we plan to provide various supportive services, like how they can get involved in research early on and mentorship programs.

One of the great things at our program is the diversity of the students who we are privileged to study with. We are excited to see how the alumni association can reconnect the graduated students from all around the world.

We invite all the graduated students to join and help us! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comments or ideas.

The Alumni Team

Our Goals and Aims

  • To establish a network of graduated students
  • To promote and foster mutually beneficial contact between the Alumni and the present students of the Medical Faculty and between the Alumni themselves
  • To encourage the Alumni to take an active interest in the work and progress of the Faculty.
  • To provide support for current students


  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Awarded to members of the alumni. Rewarded for excellent achievements and accomplishments in the field of Medicine. The highest honor the alumni association can bestow toward a member.
  • Distinguished Alumni Award – Awarded to members of the alumni who have made significant contributions to the alumni, excelled in their profession and their field of research in ways that bring honor to the medical profession and the University of Szeged.


  • Transitioning into medical practice – 3 day course in June after final exams are finished. For fifth and sixth year students. The aim is to refresh clinical skills, preparing medical students and graduates for their clinical rotations and work.
  • Reunion – Organizing reunions for graduated student
  • 30th anniversary of the English Medical Program – programs to be discussed and organized by the Alumni
  • To provide support for current students

  • Encourage the international students to join student science circle (TDK) work. Provide them with information important information on our website in.

  • Getting fifth and sixth year students to mentor and support the freshmen year students in the beginning of the semester.

Giving guidance and advice on how to plan, apply, and prepare for entrance exams and what are the rules to work in a foreign country etc.

  • Writing a CV
  • Preparing for entrance exams (USMLE, PLABS, Israeli entrance exam etc.)
  • Experiences from working abroad
  • Clerkship / Sixth year practice opportunities
  • Application process and requirements in different countries

  • Organizing an annual yearbook for sixth year students.

About us

We worked side by side in the International Student Union for four years until a new, fresh group of students took over our role. We then decided to take on a new challenge by creating the Alumni Association. Our hopes are high that the association can help former students connect and provide a useful service for the faculty and its students.

Aydin Tajeri
Aydin TajeriChairman and Founder
Benedek Bozóky
Benedek BozókyCo-chairman and Founder



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