Scholarship support (RSSDA) – University of Szeged

17 students at the University of Szeged are facing termination of their studies due to suspension of their scholarships. Please watch the video and read below for more information.

A message from one of the affected students:

In December 2011, there was an exam conducted by an organization called the Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency (RSSDA) owned by the Rivers State Government of Nigeria.  In 2012, those that passed the exam were invited for an interview. The scholarship was awarded to those that passed the interview. After going through a series of further screening, we got admitted in the year 2013 into the University of Szeged to study Medicine, Pharmacy or Dentistry. Until about a year ago, things were going good and life at the university was going great. Then we stopped getting funds from our sponsors. We were literally abandoned to fend for ourselves in a foreign country. Due to the fact that our tuition fees were not paid in the first semester of the third year, our school terminated our student status.

We later received a letter from our sponsors terminating our scholarship abroad due to financial instabilities accompanied by political crisis in the state. Right now we are on the verge of going back to Nigeria without completing our studies. We were allowed to attend classes after some representative from ISUS begged the school on our behalf.

We have till the exam period to pay up the fees or we will not be allowed to write the exams. Our parents have tried to raise the money but for most of us, it does not seem feasible. Having made it thus far into our various programmes (3 to 4 years left to the completion of our 6 years studies for Medicine, 5 years studies for pharmacy and Dentistry), we are left to this resort in a bid to try raising funds to finish our studies in the University of Szeged, Szeged, Hungary.

Names of scholars in the video: 1.) Umombe Mighty Godwin 2.) Elekwe Cynthia Akunchinyere 3.) Barugu Deborah Ebipadou 4.) Wobuoma Patience Chika 5.) Dikio Tamunosaki Precious 6.) Anyanwu Precious Chioma 7.) Horsfall Charity


For more information, please contact our representative concerning this issue: Fadi Abdinnour Medicine Representative Email: