SUMAA Alumni Representatives


Shape The Future. Together.

Alumni Representatives act as an additional point of contact between the alumni as a group and the organization, university or hospital which they have some form of cooperation with.

Alumni Representatives support the alumni, doctors and students by acting as a sounding board for new ideas and in shaping regular events and activities by providing feedback and supporting skills. They also promote ideas and activities that other members have suggested as useful and enjoyable ways for alumni to stay in touch with one another, for career and social reasons, and with the organization

The alumni representatives come from across the matriculation years of Szeged Medical faculty and each of them has a short profile on these pages. If you would like to discuss an idea or initiative with one of them please don’t hesitate to contact them.

Furthermore the representatives act as a bridge and guiding mentor for alumni or students seeking jobs, internships and guidance for their future career path and professional life.

Whether you’re a student or graduate, SUMAA is trying to help you make the most out of your career journey. If you’re considering your options and want the inside track on sectors and roles you’re interested in, talking to a past Szeged University Medical faculty student could really be interesting and useful in finding out more.

Alumni representatives can help you find out more about the reality of certain jobs, sectors and professions based on their personal experiences. You’ll be able to speak with them directly and ask questions to find out what they enjoy about their job, the challenges and advice on how to get into the sector.

The list of representative’s created here is new and will be updated often for new representative’s in your region soon. Stay tuned for more information.

In addition You can also contact one of the following alumni by visiting the alumni database and browsing through the alumni

To take a glance at our alumni database, please don’t hesitate to register and stay in touch with your fellow alumni through our database: Click here!

Our Alumni country representatives

Aydin Tajeri
Aydin TajeriMD
Chairman, Director and regional representative of Sweden
Andrew Dorizas
Andrew DorizasMD
Director and regional representative of the United States
Shaun Hunkin
Shaun HunkinMD
Director and regional representative of the United Kingdom
Filipe Bessa
Filipe BessaMD
Director and regional representative of Portugal
Colum O'Reilly
Colum O'ReillyMD
Director and regional representative of the Republic of Ireland
Taka Kurokawa
Taka Kurokawa
Director and regional representative of Japan