Landstinget i Kalmar – Oskarshamn Sjukhus – SUMAA collaboration


We are proud to announce the collaboration of the Szeged University Medical Alumni Association with the regional hospital of Oskarshamn in Sweden for the duration of five years. 

  • Job Prospects

Job interview and great job prospects for approximately 5 Registered doctors graduated from the University of Szeged annually. The Job proposed will entail a 1-year contract working at the Medicine department of the hospital as an Underläkare with a promise of lengthening the contract and specialization within their interested field if candidates are approved and proven competent. applicants must have appropriate language certificate in Swedish before starting at their work hospital. applicant approval is on an interview basis

Jobs will be advertised twice a year from the SUMAA social media outlets and prospective candidate will have the chance to be interviewed and be granted their job.

  • Clerkship and Internship for students

possibility of internships and summer practices for international students whom have the knowledge of Swedish and are able to communicate. Practices are free of charge and for the duration of one month. practices will be taken place only at the internal medicine department.

Interested? Contact us:

Oskarshamn Sjukhus Regional Hospital

Oskarshamn Hospital received a new award for stroke care. It has been awarded the best stroke unit in 2015 and one of the best small hospitals in Sweden.

It is not the first time stroke care in Oskarshamn has got the attention of the National Stroke committee. It was also named the year’s stroke in 2012 and received honorable mention in 2013, 2011 and 2010.

The prize was awarded to Oskarshamn in conjunction with the National Strokes User Forum on 11 October in Umeå and will also be presented in the latest annual report from the National Stroke scheduled to be published in print form in the autumn of 2016. The report describes the stroke care in Sweden at the various hospitals who care for acute stroke patients. It is the report that is the basis for assessing “This year’s stroke in 2015”.