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Yearbook – Class of 2015 – Upload photographs of your best memories

progress 65%

Dear student of the class of 2015,

In order to show everyone your best memories, the moments you cherish and things you like during your years spent in Hungary, we need to have a few photographs from you.

Our kind request is, to rename the photographs you wish to upload to your full name and followed by a sequential number according to the photographs we need:

e.g. “John McAllister – 1.jpg”

Note: when you click on upload, all photographs will be uploaded and you will be automatically redirected to the payment page. You can either select photos manually or use the drag-n-drop function by simply dragging a picture onto the upload box.

These are the photographs we need to design our yearbook, altogether 9 photographs are required (compulsory). In case any photographs are forgotten please visit our website again. The link can be found under the home menu:

  • 1.) Group photograph – e.g. “John McAllister – 1.jpg”
  • 2.) Party photos / good times – e.g. “John McAllister – 2.jpg”
  • 3.) Trip photos / traveling / ski trip and so on – e.g. “John McAllister – 3.jpg”
  • 4.) Funny photographs – e.g. “John McAllister – 4.jpg”
  • 5.) Photograph from Ballagas – e.g. “John McAllister – 5.jpg”
  • 6.) Miscellaneous photos – e.g. “John McAllister – 6.jpg”
  • 7.) Clinical photographs or photographs taken during lectures – e.g. “John McAllister – 7.jpg”
  • 8.) Two photographs of yourself – one taken in first year, and one current (5th, 6th year) photograph. Academic metamorphosis 🙂

    e.g. “John McAllister – 8.jpg”e.g.
    “John McAllister – 9.jpg”

Upload files