Yearbook – Class of 2015 – Upload photographs of your best memories

Dear student of the class of 2015,

In order to show everyone your best memories, the moments you cherish and things you like during your years spent in Hungary, we need to have a few photographs from you.

Our kind request is to upload the requested photographs (see list below) to our Facebook page. You will be able to tag your friends, caption the photographs in the comment box if necessary. Please provide the number of your group in the comments section.

These are the photographs we need to design our yearbook, altogether 7 photographs are required (compulsory). In case any photographs are forgotten please visit our website again. The link can be found under the home menu:

  • 1.) Group photograph (1 photograph)
  • 2.) Scenes from Szeged photographs (2 photographs)
  • 3.) Fun & good times photographs (including travel, such as ski trip etc. 2 photographs)
  • 4.) Ballagás photographs (2 photographs)

Upload your photographs here

(a new windows / tab will be opened)

Go to our Facebook upload page

Upload your photographs on our Facebook page (a new window / tab will be opened). Afterwards continue the instruction on this page.
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